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Working within the Phoenix - Metro market for the past decade, his experience coupled with extensive market knowledge will assist in defining an ideal location and negotiating the very best  lease terms available. This is only possible because Brandon works directly for the Tenant as opposed to the Landlord. "Most business owners find a location and call the name on the sign out front.... little do they know they're contacting the Landlord's representative". Without any real market knowledge how can one be sure the most favorable terms are negotiated?


Growing up in the East Valley his entire life, Brandon has watched the effects the real estate market has had on his hometown. "Boom or bust... there never really is a middle-ground here". But the one thing that remains constant, no matter the current market, is the need to nurture small business. "Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of our economy, not only locally here in the Valley but nationwide". Which is exactly why Brandon has focused his career in Tenant Representation. Partnering with business owners to insure the very best of lease terms, location and, most importantly, liability.


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1250 N. Acacia Dr.  
Gilbert, AZ 85233


Free-standing, secured yard and less than 5000 SF. Get in early and choose your finishes!!! As proposed 50/50 office to warehouse can suit just about any light manufacturing or trade use. More options to come in the immediate area!!! 

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Why Tenant Rep?

Commitments to the future of your business take time and great consideration. Expanding your business or growing into a new market takes planning, research and great focus. Either a process to be taken lightly, both requiring specific market knowledge and experience. The same is to be said regarding Tenant Representation, yet business owners enter into multi-year agreements with no real knowledge of market trends, rates or concessions. Businesses are willingly paying more than need be. Exposed to both lower profits and bound by uninformed decisions.

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