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Commercial Real Estate with a Tenant Emphasis 

Growing up in the East Valley his entire life, Brandon has watched the effects the real estate market has had on his hometown. "Boom or bust... there never really is a middle-ground here". The one thing that remains constant, no matter the current market, is the need to nurture small business. "Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of our economy, not only locally here in the Valley but nationwide", which is exactly why Brandon has focused his career in Tenant Representation. Partnering with business owners to insure the very best of lease terms, location and, most importantly, liability.



"Markets change, areas stagnate only to be revitalized... but one constant remains: the need to operate. Keeping in mind not only expense, but employee needs and logistics as well." Why, as a business owner, rely on your landlord for up to date market data? If you don't have representation, YOU'RE LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE!

Below are only a few of the companies that benefited from our services:

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